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MEO SPORTS WEAR deals with various product  relate to , Sports Wear, BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU, MMA Gear, It is positioned as one of the leading concern in Pakistan. Company is well established and considered to be the medium size organization. In today’s dynamic environment company management is proactive and receptive regarding the work place realities, changing customer expectations and enhancing work force skills to meet requirements with zeal and zest. Company’s management is incorporating quality thinking and knowledge. Company is always involved in continuous improvement. This gradual change result to achieve current status through perpetual efforts of management and workers at large. The entire management is always involved to seek best concept, training, processes, materials and skills to meet and exceed the requirements of its world wide valued customers. The company consistently involved to create best value addition, which led world class mega brands to do business through value addition with us Right from the beginning company’s focus and locus was to develop international business. Constantly and consistently involved to gear up the business in the field of above mentioned products At present company is achieving more strides after marshaling techniques, resources, skills, attitudes, and movements with best of the mare management thinking. This has developed a great momentum and quantum for the surge of our business. This led world class product brands to do business with us. The company is registering constant and consistent development within the short span of two decades. A blend of two brothers is giving more cones and colors for the enhancement of business activities. At present company is working with the strong commitment to meet latest work place realities to compete in the frame work of globalization.

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The management of MEO SPORTS WEAR Sports is working to meet and match all specific and general requirements to make the company world class in terms of compliance and conformance. In this direction we have developed, maintained and enforced all policies and procedures to regulate its corporate affairs. These parameters have been developed to inform our world class suppliers for the sake of right work place and production facilities organization in the facility. These efforts have been implemented with the vision that we should have to have equal and monolithic vision and stance to meet all requirements demanded by the consumers in developed world. This standard will provide all details in this regard according to the global vision of corporate

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In fact, our special manufacturing productivity is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu . We have all the models available with We also produce customs products according to your desire samples.. They are of any country. Our company is able to make it.

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